About The Knowledge Company

The Knowledge Company provides thorough and authoritative educational credential evaluations for foreign secondary, undergraduate and graduate programs. Our evaluation reports have been consistently accepted by the USCIS, government employers, university admissions officers, and professional organizations. We rely on the norms of the American university community, informed by country experts and original research. The Knowledge Company offers different services to meet all our clients’ needs.

Our Senior Staff

Sufei Li, President and Director of Evaluations

Ms. Li specializes in comparative higher education. She has been evaluating educational credentials since 1992. In 1998 she became The Knowledge Company’s Director of Educational Credential Evaluation and in 2001 assumed the leadership role of President.

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Irving J. Spitzberg, Jr., Esq., Counsel and Senior Consultant

Mr. Spitzberg has extensive experience in higher education. From 1971 to 1974, as a Fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs, Mr. Spitzberg traveled the world studying educational systems.

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Dr. Virginia V. Thorndike, Former Vice President and Senior Consultant

A graduate of Wellesley College, Dr. Thorndike earned her master’s and doctorate in Romance Languages from Harvard and taught French language, culture, and literature for a decade at Wellesley.

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Our Client's Comments

"I highly recommend The Knowledge Company to anyone needing educational credential evaluation."

"I am very happy with the quality and thoroughness of The Knowledge Company’s educational credential evaluations."