Terms and Policies

Limited Warranty

The Knowledge Company warrants that qualified evaluators will complete all evaluations and that each evaluation will be based on these evaluators' best judgment and current knowledge. Each evaluation conforms to standards set by in-house counsel. The Knowledge Company renders its evaluation substantially on the basis of the copies of documents submitted and the representations made by the applicant. Any factual inaccuracy in documents, forgery or misrepresentation is solely the responsibility of the applicant. The applicant must recognize that the evaluations of The Knowledge Company are strictly advisory and that each institution, agency (federal or state), company, or individual decides whether to accept this advice. There are no explicit or implied warranties beyond those outlined in this section.


General Degree Evaluation for Immigration/Non-Immigrant Visas

  • Link to form
  • Standard 7-work days ($95)
  • Rush 3-work days ($180)
  • 24-Hour Express ($240)

Course-by-Course Analysis and GPA Calculation for University Admissions, Government Employers and Professional Organizations

Standard: 14 business days

  • Link to form
  • Course-by-course analysis ($175)
  • GPA Calculation ($160)
  • Course-by-course with GPA ($240)
  • General Degree Statement (document-by-document) ($95)

Rush: 7 business days

  • Link to form
  • Course-by-course analysis ($250)
  • GPA Calculation ($220)
  • Course-by-course with GPA ($300)
  • General Degree Statement ($180 for 3 days)

Revision Fees and Credits

Any minor revisions requested by the client after The Knowledge Company has completed and mailed the educational credential evaluation in accordance with the schedule above within three years will cost $45. After three years, all cases will be considered as a new one with the charge of a full service fees.

Major revisions like adding more degrees/diplomas to the originally completed evaluation report will be considered as a new evaluation report.

Certified Translation

The Knowledge Company requires certified translations of all documents as well as copies of all originals. The certified translation includes the following information:

(1) the statement by the translator: "I certify that I am fluent in both English and [foreign language] and that the attached translation in English of [name of applicant]’s [name(s) of document(s)] is a true and accurate translation of the original document(s) in [foreign language]."

(2) the signature of translator and date.

We do not accept translations by the client.

When there are time constraints, The Knowledge Company will evaluate documents in the original language for the following: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. For this service we charge an additional $22 per degree. Documents in languages other than those listed above must be accompanied by certified translations.

Original Documents

The Knowledge Company does not require the original documentation. We will not return documents to the client. The Knowledge Company keeps individual files on the system for three years. The client will need to submit all the documents as a new case if any revisions are requested after three years.

Refund Policy

The Knowledge Company will not refund payment for an educational credential evaluation that the applicant cancels after submitting the request. The Knowledge Company also will not complete a credential evaluation nor will it refund payment if a request includes forged, altered, or falsified documents.

The Knowledge Company cannot necessarily calculate credit hour equivalence, grade equivalence, or GPA equivalence for all countries and all types of educational credentials because of lack of information. If, after reviewing the documentation submitted, we determine that we cannot complete the evaluation, we will return payment.

Name Change Document

The Knowledge Company usually uses the name listed on the diplomas. You will need to provide the name change documents (i.e. Marriage Certificate, Passport, or attestation from an immigration attorney attesting the two names are the same person), if you want to use a different name other than the one on your diploma/degree certificate.